First of it's kind FOREX & CRYPTO Trading System Powered by A.I. TECHNOLOGY

This is a completely hands off way to generate passive income, and comes with a full...

Money Back Guarantee

How does it work?

Step 1

Choose a package below by clicking the get started button under the package of your choosing.  

Step 2

Once you choose your package, you will receive an onboarding email that will have a step-by-step guide on how to set up your accounts.

Step 3

Once you have completed all the onboarding steps, your account will be added into our system and the AI will start taking trades on your account during market hours.

Forex Management

Lifetime Access
$ 1,997 One Time Fee
  • 25% Profit Split (Begins on month 2)
  • Full Money Back Guarantee
  • Full Access to our VIP Discord Group
  • Minimum deposit of $2,000 required
  • Access to Live Signals

Frequently Asked Questions

Accounts will start trading and seeing profit typically the day you sign up unless markets are closed (weekends).

Profit split begins at the end of your 2nd month of using our system. You will keep all of your profits for the entire first month of being a member. Starting at the end of the second month, we will send an invoice for 25% of your total net profit for the second month on the first Friday of the third month. This will continue to occur each month thereafter until you decide not to renew your yearly subscription. Failure to pay your invoices will lead to removal from the system until the invoices are paid.

We will send out invoices out on the first Friday of each month for Project Automation’s 25% profit split for those that are on their second month or longer. We expect the invoices to be paid before Sunday 4 PM EST of the same weekend you receive the invoice. Failure to pay the invoice prior to the start of market open will require us to remove your account from our management system. Once payment is received we will reactive your account in our system.

You will need to choose a package based on your account size and enter a card on file. This card will not be charged until 72 hours after you sign up. If you’re not happy with the results during the 72 hours trial, just let us know via email or phone and there will be no charge to you. If we do not respond in time before you are charged, but you submitted your request within the first 72 hours, we will gladly issue a refund. Any subscriptions not canceled in writing via email or over the phone within the first 72 hours will be charged for the yearly subscription without refund.

Absolutely not! We have built a proprietary system with a custom risk management integration that will never risk anyone’s entire account balance. We also have an entire staff dedicated to the oversight of accounts who monitor the system and accounts throughout the trading week.

Our system mainly focuses on trading gold, major forex pairs, and indices.

Unfortunately, in order to use our system you would need to have an account with a non-regulated broker. The brokers that we prefer are Hugosway and Hero fx with a minimum of 200:1 leverage.

The great thing about our proprietary system is that we are using a mix of custom AI tools, risk management bots, and manual trades.

Frequently Asked Questions

We help you set up a bot that is used by thousands of successful crypto traders and then we give you access to all of our upcoming calls in a private discord group. Once you join our group, you can then decide to copy our trades manually, or we will show you how to easily take the trades yourself, with your bot.

No worries, once you join our private discord group you will see step by step videos on how to set up your custom trading bot, how to copy our trades as easily as sending a text, and we will teach you our risk management strategies.

Unfortunately, this kind of trading is one of the most high-risk types of trading there is. Losing money is always a risk, so never risk money your not willing to lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you make the payment for any system you will automatically emailed step by step instructions on how to get started and we will include the link to access our discord group

How does the money back guarantee work? We offer a full money back guarantee on our forex management system ONLY as this is something we have full control over, in terms of our crypto this is a very high risk type of trading but also  the easiest way to make 10-100x return in just a few days. If you purchase the package that includes both services and your forex account is not profitable in the first 30 Days then we will offer you a full refund on the entire package!

Absolutely! We offer 24/7 customer support right here in the US. You can contact us directly through our email or our discord group which you will be invited to after signing up.

You can contact us via email ( or you can call/text us directly at (315) 766-6868. 

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